Craters of the Moon Trust (COMT)
is a registered Charitable Trust.


The Craters of the Moon Trust was formed at the instigation of Jeremy Nash in 1991 with the objective of protecting local visitors and tourists against theft and vandalism which plagued the Department of Conservation facilities in the Wairakei Tourist Park at that time. The Craters operation started out in a second-hand caravan. Over time the original Department of Conservation facility has been gradually developed into the visitor kiosk that is present today. The visitor kiosk at Craters is an eco-friendly off-grid energy user, with geothermal floor heating and an electricity supply provided by solar photovoltaic cells.

The Craters operation was so successful that in 2002 the Department of Conservation asked the Trust to take over management of the Huka Falls carpark and associated facilities. The Trust is dedicated to providing a safe and informative experience to all visitors at both of these sites.
In 2015, after 24 years of continuous involvement as chairman of the Trust, Jeremy Nash retired.

From 2002 the Trust was required to pay site land rental fees to the government for the Craters area and from that time entry fees have been charged. While the entry fees primarily cover the site rental and costs to operate and maintain the site facilities – which include the 2 kilometre access road – these funds are also used to support community organisations and environmental work in the Taupo area and to provide scholarships for local high school students who wish to further their studies at Tertiary Institutions.


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